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The Pakistan Institute of Engineering and Applied Sciences (PIEAS), has to face various advancement phases as happened in educational institutions. Additionally, acceptable for degree-awarding status, most significant, landmark efforts have been shown in its continuing development.

PIEAS has been offering the premier human resource advancement centre to Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission (PAEC) for that last three years. It has performed various kinds of educational and also instructional programs. This institute has presented different programs varying from Ph .D. to Masters’ level programs in Engineering and Medicine as well as shorter specific courses for scientists, engineers and also for technical staff. Hundred of its graduates are today executing their services in the various projects of PEAC very successfully.

Admission in Pakistan Institute of Engineering and Applied Sciences

As you can successfully execute its programs, PAEC has built its valuable experience in a very broad variety of faculties. As for as the nuclear engineering and nuclear medicine is concerned, they consist of various disciplines like control & instrumentation, computers and info technology; materials advancement and processing; thermal-hydraulics and mechanical structures; and optics and also laser technology. In order to meet our requirements for highly trained manpower, we will formulate a policy of large-scale training of personnel in abroad be followed. If we realize that continuous reliance on foreign training could possibly become challenging in the coming years then, we steadily recognize a number of educational and training institutions to cater for our demands in different faculties.

PIEAS University Academic Courses

PIEAS University Undergraduate Programs

  • CMS-101 Islamic Studies
  • CMS-107 Professional Ethics
  • CMS-102 Ethics (for Non-Muslims)
  • CMS-108 Logic and Critical Thinking
  • CMS-103 Pakistan Studies
  • CMS-109 Entrepreneurship
  • CMS-104 Composition and Grammar
  • CMS-110 Sociology
  • CMS-105 Communication Skills
  • CMS-201 Principles of Management
  • CMS-106 Technical Writing
  • CMS-202 Engineering Economics

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Admission Timetable for MS / MPhill from 2012 to 2014

Admission Form of PIEAS

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Admissions Schedule of BS from 2012 to 2016

BS Engineering Program is divided into two analyzed courses, the actual BS Electrical Engineering Program and BS Mechanical Engineering Program and also at minimum 60% are essential to get admission through this kind of program.

Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission Postgraduate

Pakistan Institute of Engineering and Applied Sciences Admission

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